Duramax Fuel Filter Housing Leaking

DIY Duramax Fuel Fix for Leaky Filters

Duramax Fuel Filter Housing Leaking - have a 2003 duramax, crank--no start, cranking mpa is 6, replace injector pump,fuel filter housing for leaking, still same mpa reading, still no start read more HondaPlatinum. Oct 03, 2009  · While I had the filter housing out, I would also check and possibly replace the short flexible fuel line that goes from the backside of the filter to the metal fuel line on top of the bell housing. Also take a look at the lines running to the IP and the fuel drain at the front of the motor.. Oct 22, 2010  · I also removed the fuel filter, filled it with diesel and still would not prime. Thanks guys for any help you can give me. This is for a 2005 Duramax lly motor Last Verify the oring around the bleed in the filter housing isn't leaking. After you get liquid out of the bleed, close it and continue to pump it until you can't compress it..

There are a several service issues that can arise with the fuel filter assembly. One of the more common causes for no-starts is an air leak around the top seal of the fuel filter. Typically this is caused by the fuel filter not being tight enough, or small bits of foreign material between the filter o-ring and the housing surface.. May 21, 2016  · Prevnext using the o rings from kit in largest to smallest order replace ring here 1990 fuel filter housing rebuildRead More "Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter Housing Leak". This doesn't immediately cause fuel issues, but eventually, with dirty or loose fuel filters, leaking water-in-fuel sensors or bad o-rings in the fuel filter housing, the truck can experience no-start conditions. Along with general fuel issues, there are several common failure items strewn throughout the truck that must be taken into account..

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