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Duramax Fuel Filter Prime - Feb 03, 2014  · When I bought my LBZ, it had already had the housing update. It would go 3-400 miles and then loose prime while towing up grades. It had a plastic style fuel filter on it so thats what I was using as well. One day, while in limp mode, I decided to try a OEM steel filter. When I went to get it on.It wouldn't catch the threads.. It can also be relatively difficult to prime the fuel system once air has been introduced into the system, such as when the fuel filter is changed. The 2001 to 2004 LB7 fuel filter housings seem to be the most prone to problems.. This can lead to Duramax diesel fuel filter problems. Thoroughbred Diesel would recommend a 2 micron filter to help negate this issue. These small contaminants and particles can lead to injector failure and even more costly issues down the road. So what is a Duramax owner to do? Is a CAT fuel filter the best Duramax fuel filter option? The Solution:.

May 11, 2010  · After replacing the fuel filter did you prime the system? There should be a small circular pump on top of the filter assembly to prime it. I own a 2003 Duramax and it usually takes about 5 pumps / turn over / 5 more pumps / turn over / and 5 more and you should get it started.. Oct 18, 2007  · Bleding air in fuel filter and lines in a Duramax For the Duramax, there is a built in plunger pump on top off the filter under the the hood. Open the black plastic air bled valve and press down the plunger about 10-15 times until fuel comes out the air bled screw the tighten up the air bled screw.. Jul 06, 2018  · wont hold prime lly duramax. Collapse. X. Collapse. Posts. Latest Activity. Please login or register to post. Search. Page of 1. Filter. Time. So I ordered a new fuel filter head from the Dmax store because it was leaking put on the new one and it wont prime I have a lift pump Fass I was wondering if I could just connect the hoses with a.

pumps stopped, new filter(s) and a full tank of fuel. Failure to verify proper bleeding can lead to pump failure. Additionally, running out of fuel can cause loss of prime. Recovery is simple as noted above. When in doubt, unplug the pump(s) and drive a bit then re-apply power and verify pressure. Quite simple! Pump/Filter combo notes:. The XDP Duramax CAT Adapter with 1R-0750 Filter, Bleeder Screw & Spacer XD171 is an easy way to upgrade the fuel filter on your 2001-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax. The durable anodized filter adapter simply threads on to the OEM Filter Head and allows you run the. Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon 2.8 Liter I-4 Duramax Diesel fuel injectors Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon 2.8 Liter I-4 Duramax Diesel vacuum pump Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon 2.8 Liter I-4 Duramax Diesel transmission filters.

Sinister CAT Fuel Filter Adapter Kit 2001-2015 6.6L GM Duramax Get the unrivaled CAT 2 micron fuel filtration for your Duramax with this SIMPLE to install conversion kit!. A Peek Inside the Duramax L5P It also has an integrated fuel flow control valve, a filter screen at the pump inlet, and a single high-pressure outlet. A pump-mounted primer and a temperature. The Basic Filter Head Rebuild Kit will reuse factory fuel lines, bleeder screw, and pinch clamps. With age / mileage / and ultra low sulfur diesel the O-Rings and fuel lines located in and on your Duramax diesel fuel filter head will begin to deteriorate. With time your truck will not hold prime.

DmaxStore Fuel Filter Head Assembly. Direct fit for 2004.5-2010 LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax. Part# DMAX619 . This Part is a direct fit for 2004.5-2010 Chevy/GMC 2500HD Duramax 6.6. It can be made to work with 2001-2004 model years. This is an updated direct fit filter head for your 2004.5 - 2010 Duramax.. Duramax Prime Guard Oil And Fuel Filter Package 2000-2010. Fuel Filter - $73.76. Fuel Filter Prime Guard Pdf76160. Air Filter - $73.21. Air Filter Prime Guard Paf5697. Prime Guard - $72.43. Prime Guard Filters Paf5697 Air Filter. Air Filter - $72.28. Air Filter Prime Guard Paf5638..

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